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Edge Fixer


Edge Fixer 24 Hour Maximum Hold Edge Wax No Flaking Biotin B7 Infused Hair Gel 3.38 US fl.oz (Strawberry Acai)

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Product Description


KISS Edge Fixer Max Hold 100mL

✔ Introducing Edge Fixer x Saweetie – our most hyped and anticipated collaboration yet! Our girl Saweetie always comes through with the clean baby hairs and we think you should too! Our new Edge Fixer has maximum hold, absolutely no flaking, and is available in 12 delicious scents. And to keep your baby hairs thick and strong, our formula is infused with biotin B7. Want to smell like Saweetie?

  • Available in 12 premium scents
  • Absolutely no flaking or white residue
  • 24 hour maximum hold
  • A non-greasy water-based formula that is easy for styling but sets like glue
  • Available in a travel-size 30mL and 100mL


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